is what I said.

She was interested, but perhaps not.

Angie was seemingly a dime; kind, pleasant, and wonderful

But…there is no but, only thens. She showed all the signs of a long term wonder and never made you think it was going to be a one time thing, but here we are talking about a one time thing.

The day went well; we had food, shared in wonder at song and the time together was filled with lucrative question asking that would make an old war veteran feel valued and proud.

Safe to say, all cylinders were on and the time was wonderful

But the questions asked weren’t the questions being discussed; seemingly it was a facade. It was a means to end, perhaps a means to get away.

Then you begin to think, was it all worth it? The semantics? The effort? The spontaneity? It’s all a damn shame really; the energy that gets put forth into creating something that was never meant to be.

How many inventors look at their final product and realize, “shit, that was not worth creating”. I’m not sure, but we seem to do it with our relationships and especially our cooking?

Speaking of cooking Angie loved it; she loved the environment, the smells, and especially the caramel, oh the caramel.

Fuck Angie, but then you think of the idea of never burning bridges. Toleration comes to mind, but oh what a terrible place to be; what a terrible and awkward place toleration makes the human soul.

Perhaps we eventually all buy into toleration and the sanctity it offers. Toleration protects us, draws seemingly good boundaries, and prevents us from going deeper with another individual. Perhaps if unconditional love is a gift from God, toleration might be the curse of man.

Toleration can go fuck itself.


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