Decided to watch the movie La La Land starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Now before I go into how awesome this fuckin’ movie was, I’ll give some context with how my days leading up to the watching of this movie were in contributing to readying myself for the film.

Young people we are a bunch of romanticized idealists stuck in our own asses for own good; life often becomes one giant venus fly trap of death as we attempt to navigate our own shit through our own lenses.

Along comes this movie La La Land and I got wrecked.

But maybe it’s the wrong adjective; try mind fucked and perplexed as the movie began to mess with out own sense of reality

it’s raining in the state of sunshine that is on the opposite end of the spectrum

let the symphonies play in the sounds of our sorrows, but joy comes when the night ends.

The movie pl[re]yed on the idealist’s sense of reality.

What is perfect vs. what is right

such a dichotomy plagues a generation in deciding between what is feasible and what is efficient. Sometimes there is such a divide that we must choose in our own experience what path we must take.

There was this girl Tatiana; we’ll call her Tati for short although she’d probably hate to be called that.

She was half cultured, half submitted although she really only knew about her half submitted side. In fact, there might have been high disdain for the only side of her that was actually woke.

But man, she was beautiful yet mechanized and robotic in every way. A girl who had everything, but nothing.



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